Where is Schererville, Indiana Located?

Schererville is located in Lake County, Indiana and is part of the Chicago metropolitan area. It has adopted the motto “Crossroads of the Nation” due to its many Indian trails connecting to the Sauk Trail.

Where is Schererville, Indiana Located?

Lake County is a county located in the United States, with its county seat in Crown Point. It is part of northwestern Indiana and the Chicago metropolitan area, and contains a mix of urban, suburban and rural areas.


, IN is situated in Lake County. The Lake County zip code list and the list of Indiana zip codes can be found online.

In the past, Schererville had a public school, a blacksmith shop, a dairy, a general store, a grain elevator, a refrigerator and a cigar factory. It is located just 30 miles from Chicago, making it a suburb of this municipality. Many Indian trails (mostly Potawatomi) in Schererville connected to the Sauk Trail, the main east-west thoroughfare between Indiana and Illinois. This area experienced rapid residential and commercial growth in the second half of the 20th century.

This is why Schererville adopted the motto “Crossroads of the Nation”. In 1866, Nicholas Scherer planted the town of Schererville on 40 acres of land purchased from swamp magnate Aaron N. Long before Indiana became a state, long before Schererville was founded, people called this place the “Crossroads” due to several Native American trails crossing here which later became routes for colonists' wagons traveling west. The campus of Hammond Baptist Schools, affiliated with the First Baptist Church of Hammond, is also located in Schererville.

The Times of Northwest Indiana and The Post-Tribune (owned by the Chicago Tribune) are both available in Schererville. The Schererville Soccer Club offers soccer for boys and girls aged 4 to 17 years old (U6) through REC Plus. The Lake Central School Corporation serves Schererville as well as its adjacent cities of St.

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